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 2007/05/24 - Ambiplex demonstrates hand gesture recognition system

Ambiplex' Sensor + Test 2007 Demonstrator
Ambiplex' Sensor + Test 2007 exhibit

At Sensor + Test 2007 in Nuremberg, Germany, Ambiplex demonstrated their latest development in passive infrared localization technology, a novel gesture recognition system. By guiding his or her hand over an acrylic glass surface, the user can interact with electronic components connected to the gesture recognizer. More clearly, the user can virtually draw symbols on the surface in order to obtain certain reactions, such as toggling or dimming light bulbs and raising or lowering roller blinds.

The system was shown at the booth of our partner, PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, who invited us to contribute to their performance at a trade show once again. We would like to thank PerkinElmer very much for this opportunity.

 2007/04/20 - A new level of PC gaming immersion at Hannovermesse 2007

Ambiplex has shown their unique infrared head tracker to a thrilled audience at the Hannovermesse, taking place from 04/16 to 04/20 in Hannover, Germany. Visitors had the opportunity to experience a new level of PC gaming immersion while playing a racing game. Several were eager to immediately buy a head tracker for their own personal computer and were unhappy to learn that the device is not yet available.

We would like to thank the Robotics Research Institute in Dortmund for providing this platform for us.