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Worlds first passive headtracking device

 PC gaming at a new level of immersion

Der Headtrackerprototyp befestigt am Monitor

Ambiplex’ Head Tracker is a novel device capable of tracking the movements of a person’s head in front of a computer display. The device is mounted on top of the monitor and connected to the PC via the USB interface. The Windows driver software translates detected head motions into appropriate system commands that can in turn be fed into applications in realtime. This device lifts 3D gaming to a new level by exploiting the player’s natural head movements. As a result, people can dive into the virtual world in a way that has until now only been reached with expensive equipment.

 Benefits of the Ambiplex Headtracker

The Headtracker’s benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Opens up an additional dimension of user input by exploiting natural head movements of the user
  • Lifts 3D gaming to a new level
  • Is easy to install and to operate
  • Does not force the user to attach any device or tag to his or her body
  • Can generate input to any PC application
  • Works independent from ambient light – even in darkness
  • Has a very high responsiveness
  • Does not add any significant load to the PC
  • Can be manufactured at low cost due to consistent use of inexpensive components



Printable flyer about the Ambiplex headtracker

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