Where are you ?

Our IR.LOC technology provides an answer to this question.

 Low cost and passive people localization

Advantages at a glance

passivePersons need not wear any additional hardware.
Passive infrared sensors are safe to use (no RF or ultrasound)
preciseLocalization accuracy around 20-30 cm at 50 Hz and mean range of 10 m.
anonymousNo imaging. Privacy is not compromised.
inexpensiveinexpensive Technology uses standard components.
versatile Large amount of information: AoA, size, temperature, detection quality

Ambiplex develops and markets technologies for discreet and precise indoor occupant localization -- solely by exploiting naturally emitted heat radiation.

We offer our customers localization solutions that are easy to integrate. Ambiplex is situated between the sensor manufacturer and our customers who demand intelligent sensors for anonymous people localization in their own products.

Ambiplex' core technology, IR.Loc, is a set of specialized methods and algorithms that allow for a robust, convenient and inexpensive way of locating heat sources. With a large portfolio of optimized variants we can offer our customers tailored solutions for an incredibly diverse set of applications. Thanks to the usage of standard infrared sensors, these solutions are extremely cost efficient.

Using IR.Loc, people to be detected are not demanded to wear any transmitters or badges which cause additional administration effort and cost. Moreover, by consequently renouncing imaging technology, IR.Loc does not interfere with a person's privacy. Therefore, it can be even used in places where privacy protection provisions restrict or prevent the usage of camera.

Applications of IR.Loc include modern air conditioners that may control air flow depending on occupants' positions, as well as flexible and intelligent presence detectors used for illumination control, intruder detection or people counting.

More information about our technology and its applications can be found in the Technology section. A selection of our current products is provided in section Products.