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Versatility of the IR.Loc technology

 Application scenarios of IR.Loc

Besides detecting a heat source, our technology delivers more information about the source, such as position, source size and temperature. These data can be made available to the application.

Ambiplex' products address central problems in a number of applications. Our head tracker is an input device for the PC which offers computer players a revolutionary way of interaction with the computer. Our novel true presence detector closes a gap in building automation that traditional vendors have not been able to close for years. Our location system addresses the future home and health care market. Our line scanner is capable of detecting position, size and temperature of warm objects within its range.

Apart from these solutions there exist a number of further applications for IR.Loc. Here are a few examples:

  • Control of automatic doors depending on person movements. Doors open only when people approach the door, not when they just pass it.
  • Detection of persons in security zones: The properties of Ambiplex' presence detector allow for the individual configuration of dedicated security zones.
  • Surveillance of critical areas in the kitchen such as a cooker, in order to reduce the risk of fire. The capability of our sensors to measure temperatures makes them detect inadvertently activated hot plates.
  • People counting for controlling advertising effectiveness. Since our sensor does not use any imaging technology, it can be used in public areas without restrictions.
  • Device control by head motion for disabled persons. Our sensor system transforms head movements into control signals.