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Linescanner Demo

Demonstration of the IR.Loc technology


Programmoberfläche des Demonstrators mit Einstellmöglichkeiten und Visualisierung
Programmoberfläche des Demonstrators mit Einstellmöglichkeiten und Visualisierung

Ambiplex' line scanner demonstrator offers you the opportunity to assess the capabilities of our IR.Loc technology personally. The line scanner can locate a heat source within its 48° field of view. It consists of a detector hardware which is connected to a PC via USB, and a software front end to view detection results. System behaviour may be tweaked by modifying the presented parameters. Since the detector is treated as an emulated serial device, you may access the detection results from your own applications. The following data are transmitted:

  • Direction (angle) in which the detected heat source is located
  • Source size
  • Source strength
  • Detection quality

Note: In this variant the detector operates in a horizontal line, with a field of view of approx. 48° (in line) and 8° (perpendicular to line). Ambiplex also develops specific demonstrators tailored to our customers' needs.

 Scope of delivery

The demonstrator includes:

  • USB sensor hardware incl. sensor
  • USB cable
  • Application software and driver on CD (for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista)
  • Software documentation
  • Tripod for setup on a table



Flyer about IR.Loc technology

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